Prolab.Q Waste Management Module

Prolab.Q Waste Management module allows you to manage and calculate the multitude of data required by the legislation on waste classification.

Our new Waste Management module (edition of 2015) is the tool that allows Prolab.Q to manage and classify waste. It has been designed to give the user the ability to speed up the classification of refusals, and to provide a quick reference and control system for the database referred to by the vertical.

The Vertical has been updated to April 2015 to comply with the applicable law:

  • Dlgs. 152/2006 Part V
  • Commission Regulation 1357/2014/EU
    Waste – Hazard characteristics – Replacement of Annex III to Directive 2008/98/EC

The Waste Management module consists of several parts: two consultation and editing tools that contain the various codes and classifications, and two parts related to the sample to be analyzed. The module operation is set to associate a single parameter to the relative HP hazard class. Class H is associated with the specific risk class in relation to the EU Commission Regulation 1357/2014/EU. The laboratory will therefore only have to deal with the compound-hazard class H association based on the fact that that H will belong to one or more HP Hazard classes according to regulation.

The Waste Management module will then automatically perform the additions or will consider the individual concentrations of the various compounds within the sample.

Codes Library

The Codes Library tool allows you to always have the various useful waste classification codes (CER, H, HP) under control and it also allows you to delete potentially obsolete codes or insert new ones.

Association parameters-HP classes

A summary table highlighting HP classes, H risk phrases, safety symbols and the conditions under which concentrations are to be calculated, becomes useful for performing operations of waste-hazard class combinations.

ADR Library

The laboratories wishing to enter the code for the transport of hazardous materials in accordance with current regulations may use this tools which is divided into two main parts: the first allows you to insert/modify/delete classes in full autonomy; the second is a simple library that highlights all the UN codes that need to be affixed to the waste during its journey.

Sample Data

The Waste Matrix acceptance mask allows you to manage all incoming and outcoming sample informations. These informations can be issued on the RDP. The mask is divided into 4 main areas.

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