Being a LIMS Administrator nowadays means being a new professional figure essential in all laboratories and production companies that use a LIMS software. In some companies this person coincides with the Head of the Laboratory, in some others with the IT Manager. Whatever you case may be, the LIMS Administrator is a true point of reference for all the people using a LIMS software and the ones involved in interfacing activities for exchanging data and/or development for this platform.

Objectives: this course aims to provide the LIMS Administrator with an in-depth knowledge of the logics underlying the structure and architecture of Prolab.Q LIMS. There will be 8 modules divided into 4 different weeks. Throughout the different sessions we have planned both technical and practical exercises.

Location: the course will take place at Villa Mosconi Bertani (Verona, Italy), one of the most exclusive and fascinating locations in the heart of Valpolicella Classica ( During these sessions there will be breaks with visits to the historical cellars of the villa and walks among the vineyards of Valpolicella.