OpenCo LIMS Courses

LIMS ADMIN Courses 2017 June 7-8

The two-day session dedicated to the first modules of high-level training LIMS ADMIN courses for Prolab.Q ends today – completely SOLD OUT – in the exclusive Villa Mosconi Bertani. Between coffee breaks in the park, beautiful views of the vineyards and visits to the historic cellars of the villa we talked about master data, formulas and..
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corsi OpenCo 2017

2017 OpenCo – Educational Courses for LIMS Administrator

Being a LIMS Administrator nowadays means being a new professional figure essential in all laboratories and production companies that use a LIMS software. In some companies this person coincides with the Head of the Laboratory, in some others with the IT Manager. Whatever you case may be, the LIMS Administrator is a true point of reference for..
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Prolab.Q LIMS Research and Development Vertical Module

Open.Co is proud to announce that it is now available the new vertical module for Research and Development This truly innovative verticalization of our Prolab.Q software has been designed to provide production oriented companies with a tool to help them with researching, prototyping and realizing new products. Our R&D module is also essential for analysis and technical..
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Prolab.Q LIMS 4.0 news for Wineries

The experience we matured in 15 years of work side by side with out customers in the wine industry is what makes our Prolab.Q Wine software an essential tool integrated in the whole winery's production chain – from vineyard management to bottling. This new Prolab.Q release features new and improved functionalities compared to our older..
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Prolab.Q Wine

The new Prolab.Q LIMS wine scheduler on Bottling World

At Vinitaly 2017 the editorial group New Techniques launched their brand new magazine Bottling World – the international version of the Imbottigliamento magazine, entirely in English and available online. In the Product Innovations News section Open-co introduces the new Prolab.Q wine scheduler, developed on the basis of the Scheduler module, already highly appreciated for its usability and functionality...
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Prolab.Q QA/QC module

Hod does Prolab.Q LIMS QA/QC module work?

Quality Assurance & Quality Control are quality data management aspects required in standardized analytical methods, in particular US-EPA methods. Prolab.Q QA/QC module aims to guarantee a documented analytical process that generates reliable and legally defensible analytical data. The system allows you to plan analytical protocols for data quality (QAPP - Quality Assurance Project Plan) referred to a..
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Food Integrity 2017

Food Integrity 2017 Conference: Open-Co increasingly present in the food and beverage industry

2017 will see the 4th edition of the Food Integrity Conference, a well-established and anticipated event by all stakeholders in the food production sector. This conference, which is part of the activities of the European FoodIntegrity project (, will focus on the latest research findings on integrity and development strategies of the food industry – security,..
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Free Course On Waste Management

Free Course on Waste Management

Open-co would like to point out the Free Training Course on Waste Management organized by the Veneto Interprovincial Chamber of Chemists that will be held in 2 independent sessions: May 6: - PART I (5 CFP - Reserved for subscribers to any Order of Chemists) Open-co intervenes to present their solutions for the chemical and industrial sectors...
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Open-Co Expands Into Spain

Open-Co expands into Spain

Barcelona, March 30 2017 Gran Hotel La Florida In the splendid setting of Tibidabo – the hill overlooking Barcelona –  Open-Co presented Prolab.Q LIMS to managers of analysis laboratories and directional figures of food companies in an elegant conference room at the Grand Hotel La Florida. After a welcome speech given by our CEO it..
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Open-Co LIMS Italian Leader

Open-Co confirmed Italian Leader

1st LIMS Software House in Italy We are pleased to announce that Open-Co closes 2016 with a growth of over 24%, a turnover of 2.3M € and over 300 ACTIVE installations, confirming to be the Italian Leaders in the realization and implementation of quality control LIMS systems for both laboratories and production companies. We would like..
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