Prolab.Q ARfD% module allows the management of ARfD calculations for censused substances.

To date, more than 800 pesticides are allowed in the EU countries. Based on field tests, the EU has established maximum residue levels (MRL) of substances that may be present on food products; Individual member states can not issue their own measures.

GDO chains have created, according to the EU limits, some restrictive rules to further protect consumers, trying to minimize the damage that ingesting allowed pesticide amounts over a long period of time can have on a person’s health.

This created the concept of ARfD (Acute Reference Dose), which refers to the amount of chemical substances in a food product that can be ingested in a short period of time without causing any health risk.

In the new ARfD module developed by Open-Co, the analyst will only need to enter the values of the substances found and the system will automatically zero all other substances (about 800 total parameters).

The great innovation is the automatic updating of the active ingredients from the Pesticide EU Database and the related limitations via links to the official EU website and websites of the individual GDO chains.

With a simple PASS/FAIL system, the module will give a green/red light result of which GDO chain will accept the food product based on analytical results and ad hoc test reports. The Laboratory will then be able to deliver to their client a Certificate with all the information essential to be able to sell the food product.

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