Prolab.Q QA/QC module 

Quality Assurance & Quality Control are quality data management aspects required in standardized analytical methods, in particular US-EPA methods.

Prolab.Q QA/QC module aims to guarantee a documented analytical process that generates reliable and legally defensible analytical data. The system allows you to plan analytical protocols for data quality (QAPP – Quality Assurance Project Plan) referred to a specific analytical method in terms of control typology, batch positioning, eventual timetabled repetition on the number of samples and, above all, modalities and limits to verify that the all the requirements are met.

The laboratory then applies the previously defined analytical protocol for data qualities that provides, for each batch/sequence of samples analyzed, control samples such as initial verification of the calibration curve (ICV – Initial Calibration Verification), continuous verifications of the calibration curve (CVV – Continuous Calibration Verification), verification of the method blank (MB – Method Blank), verification of the method with known concentrations of analytical samples (LCS & LCSD – Laboratory Control Sample & Laboratory Control Sample Duplicates), verification of the addition on the duplicated matrix (MSD – Matrix Spike Duplicates), etc.

The system then gives evidence of the quality controls that do not exceed the requirements and of the samples that these controls are associated with.

Prolab.Q allows, after the generation and processing of analytic batches, to group together multiple batches and generate a Data Package that contains all the information necessary to ensure reliable and legally defendable analytical data. The resulting Data Package can be printed or sent to the customer through output files with an EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) structured record path.

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