Open-Co new Control Charts module


Open.Co is pleased to announce that from January 2017 the new Control Charts vertical module will be available.

This innovative Prolab.Q module has been designed to provide the laboratory with an instrument that helps tracing and tracking all the data obtained from the many quality controls performed in daily analysis. The new vertical module automates and speeds up the input and display of this multitude of data allowing you to eliminate spreadsheets or other types of less powerful softwares used to manage control charts.

Main reference standards:

  • ISO 7870-2:2013 Control charts – Part 2: Shewhart control charts
  • Accredia Document DT-02DT Guide to the Management and Control of the Laboratory Information System
  • ISTISAN Report 12/29 Internal quality control: manual for chemical analysis laboratories. Fourth edition (2011) of the Nordtest Report TR 569

The quality control (QC) samples used in the control charts are all managed within the system just like normal samples would. If you use the Batch/QAPP module, you can massively send the data set from the batch to the various control charts (CCTRs). The system will autonomously associate the data of the various QCs to each open CCTR for that particular parameter.

The control chart is configured in Prolab.Q as an activity with a dedicated progressive in order to manage an entire life cycle (openness, daily nutrition, closure, and archiving). Through a default search you can view the list of all the CCTRs present and then look at the one you are interested in.

The control charts sections and other lab values are handled by means of a special tool where you can load data from pre-defined excel sheets or enter them individually. These data then update the control charts in real time.

It is possible to change the standard acceptance criteria of the control charts as a result of a possible review of that very criteria. By selecting a specific rule for an already present control chart and renaming it, it will be possible to apply the new rules just set selecting them from the desired mask. The verification phase of the acceptability criteria of the control chart is made both visually and by consulting a second section of the CCTR management mask.

Are you interested in the Control Charts vertical module?

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