Appa Trento

Customer: The Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment is an organizational structure of the Province which pursues general objectives of environmental quality aimed at the protection of air, water and soil, in particular supporting the preparation of the planning tools.

Needs: APPA’s Laboratory and Controls has encountered the following requirements:

  1. Have a web application that fully integrated with Prolab.Q LIMS to show analytical data;
  2. Completely refurbish the server room, reduce the server’s operating costs, manage and maintain timetables and improve the services offered to the end user.

Solutions: In synergy with the customer, the following solutions were found: Open-Co has made the Weblab application manage the locations and the analysis of the sampling points, the view of the different sampling points through Google Maps and the consultation of the historical performance of the analysis.

  1. In five days, the entire IBM Bladecenter S system, the server virtualization operating system (VMware vSphere 4.0), was installed and the physical servers already present were virtualized through physical-to-virtual procedures (mirror copy of the content of the physical server into the virtual one).

Installed Softwares

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