Ansaldo Breda

Customer: Ansaldo Breda is the company (recently acquired by Hitachi Rail) specialized in the construction of technologically advanced rolling stock. The company is organized in multiple the factories in Pistoia, Napoli, Palermo and Reggio Calabria and is also present in Spain and the United States.

Needs: Ansaldo Breda needed to have a tool that could enable the computerization of the procedures and the management of the data flow from the tests carried out inside the Pistoia Climate Chamber. The climatic chamber performs functional checks of the HVAC system and all the vehicle comfort tests.

Solutions: The flexibility of Prolab.Q has made it possible to develop a tailor-made system for the costumer. Central element of the climatic chamber is the commissioned job, modeled in Prolab.Q by exploiting the concept of “work order”.

All data relating to a commissioned job are contained in one system, ensuring the ability to store data and intervene more accurately while conducting quality tests. Interfacing the software with more than 150 different devices and sensors has sped up procedures and reduced error possibilities. Thanks to the design modules and the high-level training courses taught by Open-Co, Ansaldo Breda’s staff has acquired the know-how needed to evolve the system.

The system has been in use in Pistoia’s climate chamber laboratory since 2012.

Installed Softwares

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