Ca’ Del Bosco

Customer: No presentations needed for Ca’ del Bosco; thanks to the excellence of its wines Ca’ del Bosco has become one of the most renowned winery in Italy and abroad. Ca’ del Bosco wines are currently distributed in 28 foreign countries, which amounts to about 30% of the whole production.

Needs: Ca’ del Bosco has requested an integrated system for the complete management of the production chain. Its needs ranged from master data and cellar checks to initial preparations–finished product cycles.

Solutions: Prolab.Q Wine was the perfect basis to satisfy the needs of Ca’ del Bosco. Prolab.Q was extended and customized after the analysis made together with the customer. The central element of wine making is the high level of traceability in the composition of wine masses. This allows oenologists to know in real time the origin of the grapes in a given resource, thus helping the oenologists in the construction of the products for the affinity of sensory and analytical characteristics.

In Ca’ del Bosco paper is now almost obsolete as the software is completely distributable on any device.

The system has been installed in Ca’ del Bosco in 2012.

Installed Softwares