Customer: The Center of Cotton Textiles and Clothing S.p.a., called Centrocot, was born in 1987 in Busto Arsizio (Milan), with the aim of supporting companies throughout the textile and clothing sector. Centrocot is responsible for issuing certification on textile products such as Oeko-Tex and UV Standard brands.

Needs: Centrocot was looking for a tool to manage the data flow of the laboratory tests and the computerization of the procedures performed. 

Solutions: The solution proposed by Open-Co is based on a set of automatisms supporting the operators in the acceptance phase as well as the laboratory managers in handling the samples. Thanks to Prolab.Q LIMS, which the lab has been equipped with, it has been possible to manage the distribution of workloads and responsibilities in an effective and quick manner. In this case the LIMS has become a very useful tool to speed up the work of the operator, who can now handle complex tests and a very large amount of information in a structured manner.

The system has been in use at CentroCot since 2012.

Installed Softwares

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