Made HSE

Customer: Made Hse is a consulting firm of the Marcegaglia Group, able to offer integrated engineering, technical and legal consulting services. Made Hse has modern and well-equipped laboratories to conduct chemical and microbiological tests, analysis of soil and groundwater, atmospheric emissions, food hygiene analysis, waste analysis, milk analysis, etc.

Needs: The customer, in this case, had the need to control all laboratory activities from a common platform. Particular attention was paid to classical environmental matrices, including emissions management, microbiological analysis on water, food, surfaces, waste matrix management with automation of classification procedure, LIMS interfacing with laboratory tools.

Solutions: The system made available to Made Hse – and developed in close collaboration with the customer – has been equipped with specific verticalization modules for individual analysis such as emissions management, waste classification, microbiology and milk quality score management.

The system has been in use at Made since 2011 with implementation activities and constant evolutionary maintenance.

Installed Softwares

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