pH – TÜV

Customer: pH Srl, PH Srl, founded in 1982 and acquired by TÜV Italia in 2013, carries out testing activities in two distinct laboratories for the food and the environmental industry.  Accredited by ACCREDIA in compliance to the ISO IEC 17025 standard, pH is the first laboratory in Italy for number of accredited tests (over 600). Competence, reliability and technical assistance to the customer are the strengths of the company.

Needs: pH processes an average of 90.000 samples per year: emissions into the atmosphere, waste, asbestos, soil, and so on. A big part of the work in pH refers to the collaboration with Eni-Syndial. According to this collaboration, the samples entering the laboratory must guarantee specific Quality Assurance & Quality Control tests of analytic data. pH has been using Prolab.Q since 2005 and in 2012 they relied once again on Open-Co for the integration of the QA/QC module into the LIMS.

Solutions: the QA/QC Prolab.Q module perfectly met the needs of the customer. For each method a QAPP plan is created that defines the type and frequency of the expected quality controls. Samples are merged into batches, which are then merged into a entity called data package, from which the data package report and the EDD file will be generated.

pH also had the need to interface their laboratory instrumentations with the LIMS, especially considering the significant amount of numeric data to be processed caused by the increase in the number of analysis due to the introduction of the QC samples.

Installed Softwares