Radici Group

Customer: Radici Group is one of the most important companies in Italy and one of the most active companies internationally in the chemical industry. The activities of Radici Group are focused on Chemicals, Polymers and Synthetic Fibers.

Needs: The customer asked for the realization of a tool that could manage all production processes and characterized by the flexibility needed to adapt to the specificities of production.

Solutions: To meet the requirements of Radici Group Open-Co has implemented Prolab.Q Chemical & Manufacturing software. Thanks to its high flexibility, Prolab.Q LIMS is able to adapt to any production chain. The head of the laboratory gained an efficient and simple system for real-time control of the progress of the samples.

Radici Group started to work with Prolab.Q in 2012 and since then the software has been gradually extended to all the establishments of the group. In 2014, Prolab.Q was installed at Radici Plastics in Ohio (USA).