Customer: Rovagnati is a leading Italian company specialized in the production of high quality cold cuts well-known to the general public. The excellence of Rovagnati products is best expressed in the Gran Biscotto, ham with unique and unmistakable taste. The company was born in the 1940s in Biassono (MB) and exports today to many European and non-European countries.

The company has an internal modern laboratory in which chemical and bacteriological analysis are carried out according to the strictest UE standards.

Needs: Rovagnati needed a system for the management of the whole sample lifecycle, the classification of matrixes in raw materials, semifinished products and finished products, the automatic calculation of microbiological analysis, the management of quality system, and so on.

Solutions: The solution developed by Open-Co with Prolab.Q LIMS has hit the target. Since the start Prolab.Q revealed itself as a powerful and agile system, capable of fully supporting both processes and operating methods of the technicians.

The system has been in use in Rovagnati since 2012.

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