Customer: Zoogamma SpA is part of the Dutch organization VanDrie Group. The group, with more than 20 companies, is the largest integrated veal meat company in the world and is therefore the world leader in veal meat as well as the largest producer of powdered milk for calves.

Needs: The company had the need to replace its software with a more powerful LIMS in terms of speed, but also to handle a larger number of controls in the lab and have full traceability of all production batches. All through a simple and modular system that would enable a gradual implementation of activities in the new computerized system.

Solutions: The solution adopted by Zoogamma is  Prolab.Q-IQF Production Engine, ProlabQ’s version especially designed for production companies, together with the specific I-Gateway module which allows the interface of weights, scales and laboratory instruments. This is a multisite installation that currently serves 2 of the 3 Italian locations.

Installed Softwares

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