Winery Management

The experience we matured in 15 years of work side by side with out customers in the wine industry is what makes our Prolab.Q Wine software an essential tool integrated in the whole winery’s production chain – from vineyard management to bottling.

This new Prolab.Q release features new and improved functionalities compared to our older versions. Here are the most outstanding ones:

  • Vineyard Module: fully integrated and renovated, it is the managing tool for keeping track of all the cultivation operations and the traceability of all interventions.
  • Farmland Registries and Interactive Maps: Import and management of all the cartography, mapping of the different portions of land compared to the software’s logical locations, visual management of each plot’s status with visual lights indicating for example the working state and the advancement of the harvest phases. It can also give immediate access to the traceability and the history of the activities of each plot of land.
  • Laboratory: scheduling of the tank sampling activities and wine tasting sessions, printing of said sampling schedules and assigning specific withdrawal activities to specific operators.
  • New scheduler: it allows you to automatically manage the different samplings provided by the control plans both in the bottling phase (standard controls and additional ones such as microbiological tests and aphrometic pressure) and in the raw material inputs (suppliers control plans) as well as in the intermediate processing. The scheduler automatically creates withdrawal deadlines and can generate related samples filling in all data forms and then creating their barcode labels. This determines a daily and tangible time saving, reducing the possibility of making mistakes and allowing a strict observance of all control phases.
  • Quality Control: integration of the Quality Control module including product data sheets, management of products specifications and a new, detailed management of events such as Reporting, Complaint, Non-Compliance, Corrective Action, Preventive Action.
  • New functionalities for the inventory management of subsidiary materials: warehouse stock, management of all orders to the supplier or purchase requisitions, attachments of materials with respect to the distinct base of finished products, traceability of batches of subsidies on bottling sessions; the subsidiary warehouse management is potentially connected to the company ERP, to the master data flows (code alignment) and to the transactional flows (automatic loading and unloading from Prolab.Q to ERP and/or vice versa depending on scenarios).
  • Industrial costs: upgrading the production cost management module based on the cost of raw materials, transport, mediation, oenological products, manpower, bottling lines commitment, refinement storage times, storage time for aging.
  • Wineries Dynamic Graphic Maps: import and management of planimetry, mapping of graphical plans with respect to logical warehouse locations, visual control of the tank state with visual traffic lights and filling level, handling, instant access to traceability and control activities on each location.

All this and much more in the new version of ProlabQ!
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