Prolab.Q LIMS Microbiology module

The microbiological analysis is complex especially because of the management and traceability of all the steps that the laboratory technician must perform before and during the sample analysis, of the data and the final results management which rapidly varies depending on the amount of microorganisms present.

Very important therefore becomes the possibility of having a dynamic, intuitive and up-to-date system, such as Prolab.Q LIMS Microbiology Module!

The Microbiology Module has been designed to provide the user with a multitude of possibilities covering all the cases specified by the standards and thus decreeing their compliance.

  • UNI EN ISO 7218:2007 – General requirements and guidelines for microbiological analysis
  • UNI EN ISO 8199:2007 – General guideline for the count of micro-organisms on culture medium
  • ISO 18593:2004 – Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs – Horizontal methods for sampling techniques from surfaces using contact plates and swab
  • ISO/TS 19036:2006 and 2009
  • ISO 14461-2.2005 IDF 169-2  – Quality Control in microbiological laboratories

The Microbiology Module consists of two parts: one called MQC (Microbiological Quality Control) and a second one regarding the management and the analytical data calculations.

MQC (Microbiological Quality Control)

MQC is the part of the module dedicated to all the activities that the laboratory has to perform before sample analysis, such as air quality control, surface finishing, soil control, autoclaves, etc. This will keep track of all the controls performed at a given date.

Data Entry

Each microbiological test can be defined according to the steps that the operator must perform to reach the calculation of the result and the confidence interval. All the steps can be associated with each microbiological parameter to be analyzed, depending on the type of analysis to be performed.

  • The system handles readings on both single and double plate, with or without confirmations and related solutions; it is possible to use the five-seconds-rule for the calculation of the confirmation, or autonomously decide who many colonies to confirm for the single dilution or for all of them;
  • In the case of the surfaces, the module can handle the amount of sample surface and the amount of liquid used;
  • In the case of the waters, the module can explicate Vs and Vtot or filtered sample volumes for single plate;
  • Prolab.Q LIMS Microbiology Module independently detects special cases and issues notes as per regulations, manages the various analytical techniques envisaged by EN ISO 8199, considering the different ranges of acceptability;
  • For each step it is possible to set the execution timing, automatically calculating the date and time when, starting from a step, the next one has to be executed (if necessary, it is also possibile to assign to each operator the activities they need to perform).
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