Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out.
Peter Drucker

The power of Open-Co is founded not only on the quality of products but also on the comprehensive range of services we offer. Dedicated support, consultancy service in all the phases of software implementation and evolution, technical assistance in the post-sale phase, in-depth trainings are the key factors of our successful collaboration with our customers.


Open.Co offers to all the customers a consultancy service in all the phases of software implementation and evolution. Our Project Managers, professionals of the IT with specific domain knowledges, advise customers on the best solutions for their needs – after detailed technical analysis. This service becomes a key factor in any phase: system acquisition, installation, go-live, everyday use, development, maintenance, evolution.

Technical Assistance

After the system installation, our Technical Assistance plays a key role to support the customer in its everyday activity. Help-desk service is available on all working days from 8.30 am to 6 pm and helps LIMS users during their acitivity. Our help-desk staff can always find the best solution for technical problems on the system, but is also skilled for providing explanations on the use of it.


Training plays a fundamental role both during implementation and in the post-sale. Basic training and in-depth trainings on specific topics allows the user to feel confident in the use of the software. Our training plans –  agreed together with the customer – can include:

Training on-the-job during the system implementation

Seminars on specific topics, for similar groups of users

Help of the technical assistance staff for explanations or short trainings on different topics

One-to-one trainings, on customer’s request

Infrastructure solutions

Cloud Computing

The economic environment evolves rapidly and traditional servers are subject to several problems: complex tasks and high capital costs, higher risk of configuration errors and long development cycles.

Cloud computing offers the solution to this challenges.

Open-Co is able to design agile cloud infrastructures, with quick access to virtual server environments, enterprise-class, highly secure and usable for the production, development, testing and other dynamic workloads.


With virtualization we mean the creation of the virtual version of a resource usually delivered physically. Any hardware or software resource can be virtualized: operating systems, servers, memory, disk space, subsystems. Virtualization helps reducing the complexity of IT systems and maximizing computing resources by increasing the company’s business agility and lowering power consumption. We offer solutions for server virtualization platform “x86” (VMWare, xVM, Xen) and proprietary platforms, and Sun-21-to-24-ibm using the tools offered by vendors (domains, areas, logical domain).

High Availability

For many modern companies it’s fundamental to provide IT services ensuring their continuity. To do this you need to build high availability solutions, also called clusters, where all the hardware (servers, hard drives, controllers) are redundant in order to ensure the correct working of applications that provide services, even in case of faults.

Quality Systems

Thanks to solid collaborations and partnerships with specialized companies, Open-Co can also provide expert advice on Quality System implementation and compliance to ISO standards (9000, 14000, 17025). All necessary manteinance works are performed in order to support the customer in the updating of operational procedures and Quality Manual.

Turnkey services

Open.Co has developed an integrated solution including turnkey planning, creation and delivery of analysis laboratories – including scientific instruments, furniture, implementation of systems, data networks, supply of hardware and software management.