The new App Lab of Prolab.Q was designed by Open-Co for the 2.0 laboratory operator: smart, on the go and paperless are the key words that make the work on site simple and dynamic with just a simple smartphone.

The big news introduced by Open-Co is the possibility to use App Lab offline.

Once the app has been synchronized with Prolab.Q using the appropriate button, the operator can consult their scheduler for a detailed summary of the assigned interventions, the activities that has been carried out/to be performed, the customers registry (with the possibility of filtering the search for even more targeted results) and the data of the analyzes previously carried out, even when there is no signal.

In the same way, the compilation of the data of the analyzes done on-site also has an offline function that allows you to attach photos taken with your smartphone in the tab relating to the activity that is taking place.

Once the work is complete, it is possible to upload the data and related attachments by synchronizing once again the app with Prolab.Q which will be updated in real time allowing the laboratory to have immediate access to the progress of the interventions and the results of the on-site analysis.

Discover all the features of Prolab.Q’s App Lab:

App Lab is a real LIMS on the go designed with an appealing, intuitive and easy to use graphic interface!

App Lab features the new offline mode that allows operators to use all data entry functions at any time.

Synchronize the scheduler tool with Prolab.Q and view the assigned jobs in real time without wasting time or any important details.

The customer tool allows you to immediately find all the archived information thanks to a practical filter designed to give very precise results.

Thanks to the call function it will be possible to contact the desired customer directly from the app with a simple click.

With the activity tool it is possible to view a summary of the activities already carried out and to scroll the ones not already done at any time and in any place.

With App Lab you can enter the data collected during on-site analyzes directly from your smartphone, then sending them in real time to the laboratory with the synchronization tool, without having to return to the office.

There is no signal? No problem! Fill in the data in offline mode and upload it later.

The whole step is completely paperless. All you need is a smartphone.

App Lab uses the potential of your smartphone at 360° allowing you to attach to a specific activity tab images taken directly with the camera.

Prolab.Q and App Lab communicate thanks to real-time synchronization that allows you to update schedule, activities and analysis data at any time with a simple click.

The tracking tool allows each operator to be assigned to the nearest target. Managing the activities of on-site operators from the office using your Prolab.Q has never been easier!

Prolab.Q LIMS App per il Laboratorio

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