Prolab.Q – Food & Beverage

Prolab.Q Food & Beverage is the ideal software for all industries in the food&beverage field. It allows the constant monitoring of all manufacturing processes and the integration with Quality Control and R&D dept. The program is structured following a processes structure and supporta companies during all steps of production, from the evaluation of raw materials to their transformation and delivery. Prolab.Q fully supports industries compliant to quality standards: ISO9000:2000, BRC and IFS.

Infografica della gestione di processo in produzione

Prolab.Q modules for Food&Beverage

Management of manufacturing processes

The module includes an extensive range of ready to use masks, for the management of the activities of production chain (from the acceptance of raw materials to the shipment of finished products).

  • Map of processes and production phases
  • Map of machineries and tanks
  • Management of internal warehouses
  • Multisite management
  • Movements of loose and unfinished products

Acceptance of raw materials

The module allows to manage:

  • Acceptance of incoming raw materials with automatic acquisition from the ERP of identifying information
  • Connection of documents (reports, product photos, …)
  • Comparison to purchase specifications and pre-purchase samples
  • Automatic sending of technical information to the ERP
  • Product acceptance

Control of semifinished and finished products

The module allows to manage:

  • Automatic association of analytic profile
  • Automatic determination of specifications
  • Automatic sending of technical information to the ERP
  • Print of barcode label for control sample associated to line sampling
  • Print of certificates to be attached to the delivery note and automatic sending via email


The module is designed for the complete management of testing laboratories: from samples acceptance to the emission of test reports.

  • Quality control and R&D
  • Complete management of the lab according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 standards
  • Internal and external reports with specific certificates for foreign countries
  • Control sheets for dept, instrument, method, parameter, user
  • Regisration of functional controls
  • Registration of analysis performed by external laboratories
  • Interfacing with laboratory instrument and PLC/sensors
  • Complete statistics and graphics

Item warehouses

It allowas the management of all operations on products, such as additives, reagents, materials, etc.

  • Records of items, suppliers, producers, storehouses
  • Emission of purchase request and evaluation of suppliers’ prices
  • Orders to suppliers and delivery plans
  • Quality control
  • Automatic calculation of deterioration date
  • Management of hazard sentences with print of labels and logos
    Monitoring of stock and summpary prints
  • Data exchange with third party software

Production chain retraceability

The module allows to query system archives in order to extract the history of a product (graphical or textual format)

  • Direct retraceability: history of completed product (up to raw materials)
  • Indirect retraceability: upstream reatraceability, it helps going back to the production phase of the product starting (for example) from the acceptance
  • Data export and possibility to send them to customers, certifications institutes, and so on
  • Retraceability queries and recording


It manages instruments lifecycle.

  • System features  can be defined for any instrument type (n° inventory, physical location, pertaining department, purchase date, start of usage, supplier, operational status, etc.)
  • Possibility to be connected to tests, methods, users with automatic alerts
  • Management of documents (+ Documents module) connected to single instruments (manuals, datasheets, instructions for use, etc.)
  • Recording of interventions on equipmen
  • Calibration and maintenance planning, control sheets (+Calendar module)

Planning of activities

It allows to plan and record any activity

  • Management of standard schedules, sampling plans, interventions on instruments, and so on.
  • Automatic calculation of schedules according to frequency rules that can be fully customized
  • Distribution lists can be defined for any schedule
  • Summary prints and statistics


The module allows to query system archives with customizable filters. Data extraction with comparisons among analytic parameters.

  • Statistical information provided by the system
  • Creation of control sheets on any recorded parameter
  • Data extraction Excel compatible
  • Graphical comparison (most common graphic types available)

Document management

It manages in a structured way any type of electronic document, integrating both pre-existing documents and real-time generated documents with integrated Report Builder feature

  • Contextualized distribution, any document can be associated to a single context (sample, method, equipment, and so on)
  • Control of documental flow: editing, approval, distribution
  • Automatic management of drafts and automatic alert of new releases
  • Scanning of incoming documents and history of outgoing documents

Quality system management

The module includes a range of activity models dedicated to the identification of typical events of quality management

  • Complete management of quality documents: emission, revision, controlled distribution
  • Management of product/process non compliances
  • Management of customer complaints and requestd of improvement
  • Management of trainings, creation and development of efficacy/efficiency indexes

Digital signature

Specific module for the collection in PDF and p7m format of outgoing documents (test reports, certificates, invoices) and for the automatic sending of digitally signed documents.

  • Automatic application of 1 or more digital signatures on documents
  • Possibility to send documents in a legal format, in order to avoid thee sending of paper version (+module PQSender .p7m)
  • Possibility to choose among different preset templates
  • Possibility to send digitally signed documents through “Posta Elettronica Certificata”


The Weblab module allows to provide infos about the current analytic situation through a browser Internet

  • Possibility to publish the progress of orders, samples, test values, documents (test reports, invoices, and so on)
  • Possibility to make the portal accessable by the customers, in order to check the progress of commissioned orders
  • Visibility rights can be set according to a specific profile or user
  • Graphic adaptation of the portal to the laboratory’s corporate image

Specialized modules for Food&Beverage

Industrial control plans

It’s a specific module for the management of control plans of product or production phases in manufacturing industries.

  • Automatic generation of control samples for following products: raw materials, semifinished products, finished products
  • Automatic determination of control and sampling plan
  • Control plans with analytic profiles different for line, lot, product, market, supplier, customer
  • Control plans for frequency or time range
  • Management of HACCP controls
  • Management of shelf-life and sensory analysis
  • Enviroment and technologic controls

Technical datasheets

This module incluedes in the software technical datasheet and specifications.

  • Product datasheet, that can be group according to type, market, brand
  • Print of multilanguage reports with specific logos according to the customer – market
  • Product specifications for supplier, category, production phase, control activity
  • Management of dynamic specification

Planning of production

The module allows to plan the production chain, scheduling the production of single items on a small time range.

  • Planning of production with the use of planning sheets
  • Statistics
  • Production start with e-mail alerts
  • Reports of used materials, man-hours and so on

Process controls

The module allows the collection of all process data if needed for the supervision of product quality.

  • Physical quantities of the production process: pressures, levels, temperatures
  • Direct import of information from Scada systems or external Plc
  • Identification of process values: idpoint, idsensor, time, date
  • Control sheets and real-time alert systems
  • Statistics
  • Control sheets

Integration with ERP systems

  • Creation of samples in any production phase
  • Warehouse movements
  • Specific queries
  • Reports, prints, certificates, barcode labels
  • Multicanal publication of data and analysis results (e-mail, web portals)

Management of industrial costs

This module integrates a calculation system of production costs,  based on the specific cost of any activity and on the mixtures.

Interfacing with equipment


This module has been designed to interface with the LIMS analytic instruments of the laboratory, in order to automate the acquisition of analytic results in Prolab.Q. he system architechture is made up of two sections:

  • I-Gateway Server manages the recording of parameters received by single instruments, rules the users accesses according to preset visibility rights, manages the validation of received data, communicates with Prolab.Q for the final transfer of results, ensuring its traceability
  • I-Gateway Client manages communication protocol for any interfaced instrument

Customization modules

Design Activity

Thanks to this module it is possible to manage all changes needed on the operative masks of Prolab.Q after the initial configuration phase. This involves no additional costs, for the continuous improvement of the system during the years. All changes made on the masks can immediately be made effective in the LIMS, with no need of any external intervention or reconfiguration.

Design report

The module allows to change existing reports or to create new ones

  • Customization of the graphical layout of any report
  • Preview and print of reports
  • Report export in PDF or Ms Office format, with possibility to create file archives of generated prints

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