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Prolab.Q Wine is the perfect, all-in-one software for the technical management of wine-producing processes. It supports all winery requirements on the production chain: viticultural operations, wine-making, bottling, delivery,… The most important wineries in Italy, and relevant enological laboratories, have been choosing Prolab.Q software for their technical management needs. Prolab.Q structured is designed to satisfy the needs of small, medium or big industries because, thanks to its versatility, it can be customized according to all operational modes. With one, integrated system it is possible to manage all productive procedure – thus increasing efficiency, productivity, quality and data safety.

Infografica gestione azienda vitivinicola

Prolab.Q modules for Winery

Quality Control Laboratory

The module can manage the testing laboratory: from sample acceptance to emission of test reports.

  • Laboratory technical data
  • Packages, analytic profiles
  • Speficitations, limit groups
  • Technical acceptance
  • Samples / rates preparation
  • Physical retraceability of all samples/rates movements
  • Print of worksheets, organized according to customizable logics and filters
  • Valorixation of analytic parameters through masks for single sample or analysis groups
  • Monitoring of progress states and validation of results and samples.
  • Emission of certificates for deliveries

Production warehouses

Thanks to this module it is possible to manage locations, product movements, product retraceability.

  • Management of locations (tanks, barrels, barriques, bottling lines, etc)
  • Graphical layout of location with content and process phase identification
  • Simplified management of product movements, also on remote warehouses.
  • Control rules on movements in order to avoid blends among non-compatible products
  • Planning (+Calendar module) of movements

Item warehouses

It allowas the management of all operations on wine products, materials for the production (bottles, caps, and so on) and laboratory consumable materials (reagents, standards, etc.)

  • Records of items, suppliers, producers, storehouses
  • Emission of purchase request and orders to the suppliers
  • Warehouse transactions that can be managed through customizable clauses
  • Stock monitoring
  • Recording of events such as “cap opening”, automatic calculation of deterioration dates, print of adhesive labels
  • Summary prints for all management phases (order history, transactions history, stock, labels, etc.)
  • Retraceability to connect to article, lot, supplier the consumption of materials used

Production chain retraceability

The module allows to query system archives in order to extract the history of a product (graphical or textual format)

  • Direct retraceability: history of completed product (up to raw materials)
  • Indirect retraceability: upstream reatraceability, it helps going back to the production phase of the product starting (for example) from the acceptance
  • Data export and possibility to send them to customers, certifications institutes, and so on
  • Retraceability queries and recording


It manages instruments lifecycle. It can be used both for laboratory instruments and for productive ones (machinery, pumps, tanks, sensors,…)

  • System features  can be defined for any instrument type (n° inventory, physical location, pertaining department, purchase date, start of usage, supplier, operational status, etc.)
  • Possibility to be connected to tests, methods, users with automatic alerts
  • Management of documents (+ Documents module) connected to single instruments (manuals, datasheets, instructions for use, etc.)
  • Recording of interventions on equipmen
  • Calibration and maintenance planning, control sheets (+Calendar module)

Planning of activities

It allows to plan and record any activity

  • Management of standard schedules, sampling plans, interventions on instruments, and so on.
  • Automatic calculation of schedules according to frequency rules that can be fully customized
  • Distribution lists can be defined for any schedule
  • Summary prints and statistics


The module allows to query system archives with customizable filters. Data extraction with comparisons among analytic parameters.

  • Statistical information provided by the system
  • Creation of control sheets on any recorded parameter
  • Data extraction Excel compatible
  • Graphical comparison (most common graphic types available)

Document management

It manages in a structured way any type of electronic document, integrating both pre-existing documents and real-time generated documents with integrated Report Builder feature

  • Contextualized distribution, any document can be associated to a single context (sample, method, equipment, and so on)
  • Control of documental flow: editing, approval, distribution
  • Automatic management of drafts and automatic alert of new releases
  • Scanning of incoming documents and history of outgoing documents

Specialized module for Winery

Wine-making environment

The module is composed of ready to use work masks that can manage all activities of the production chain:

  • Lands and vineyards management
  • Grape harvest activities
  • Loading of cask wine
  • Wine-making
  • Refinement
  • Wine cask deliveries
  • Bottling
  • Packaging

Purchase contracts and sale of wine cask

Il modulo consente la gestione del ciclo di acquisti, partendo dai campioni di acquisto o vendita, alla stipula dei contratti, fino alla pianificazione dei trasporti.

  • Collegamento con registrazioni di ricevimenti e spedizioni
  • Automatizzazione dello scarico dall’ammontare del contratto
  • Eventuale ricalcolo delle specifiche di prodotto in base a quanto definito in fase contrattuale

Industrial costs

The module includes a system for the calculation of wine costs, defined on customizable parameters


  • Calculation of an aggregate cost for every productive phase
  • Definition of the cost of the finished product base on the cost of single phases
  • Possibility to interface with third party SW
  • Statistics and print set

Planning mass-cuts

Module supporting the enologist in the planning of mass/cuts in the short period.

  • Simulation of cuts to be executed in the winery, possibility to save different sceneries
  • Planning of addings on final mass
  • Planning of cuttings movements and adding of enological products
  • Emission of work orders

Management of country notebook

Modulo supporting the activity of the agronomist. It allows to manage:

  • Vineyards register
  • Management of data of phytosanitary products, fertilizers, machinery
  • Management of standard farming operations
  • Archive of works executed, possibility to query
  • Data/statistics
  • Cost management
  • Country retraceability

Management of grapes conferment

The module allows to manage the phases of grapes conferment (from partners or own vineyards)

Industrial control plans

This is a specific module for the managemenf of control plans (of products or production phases).

  • Automatic creation of control samples
  • Automatic identification of control and sampling plan

Interfacing with equipment


This module has been designed to interface with the LIMS analytic instruments of the laboratory, in order to automate the acquisition of analytic results in Prolab.Q. he system architechture is made up of two sections:

  • I-Gateway Server manages the recording of parameters received by single instruments, rules the users accesses according to preset visibility rights, manages the validation of received data, communicates with Prolab.Q for the final transfer of results, ensuring its traceability
  • I-Gateway Client manages communication protocol for any interfaced instrument

Customization modules

Design Activity

Thanks to this module it is possible to manage all changes needed on the operative masks of Prolab.Q after the initial configuration phase. This involves no additional costs, for the continuous improvement of the system during the years. All changes made on the masks can immediately be made effective in the LIMS, with no need of any external intervention or reconfiguration.

Design report

The module allows to change existing reports or to create new ones

  • Customization of the graphical layout of any report
  • Preview and print of reports
  • Report export in PDF or Ms Office format, with possibility to create file archives of generated prints

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