Research and Development

Open.Co is proud to announce that it is now available the new vertical module for Research and Development

This truly innovative verticalization of our Prolab.Q software has been designed to provide production oriented companies with a tool to help them with researching, prototyping and realizing new products. Our R&D module is also essential for analysis and technical confrontation with competitors.

The new features automate and speed up considerably the tedious process of compiling and browsing the multitude of data made by an average company, making spreadsheets and other softwares obsolete.

In the field of Research and Development, Prolab.Q LIMS is not only able to manage the samples results but also the whole life cycle of the project:

  • Purpose of the project (eg: development of new products, evolution/restyling of existing products, analysis of competitors products)
  • Indication of allocated resources (staff, equipments, budget) and timing of the projects
  • Definition of project teams and management of the confidentiality in terms of access and visibility to project data
  • Management of the life cycle of each single product related to the project
  • Entry and evolution of the formulas/recipes and of any process parameters for each product.
  • Raw materials storage and use of the R&D department
  • Integration with ERP/WM systems to obtain information related to existing production batches.
  • Inquiry, registration and life cycle related to the series of samples for each product
  • Daily detection of the activities performed by each operator to help statistic analysis and project costing

The activities developed to support the R&D department are implemented and managed exactly like QC and QA activities and thus benefit from the same potential (modularity, flexibility and integration).

The vertical module for Research and Development and related implementation activities are part of the requirements to be eligible for the 2017 Research and Development Bonus, an Italian tax relief intended for companies investing in related Research and Development activities introduced by the Destinazione Italia decree.

With the new Italian 2017 Budget Law, this bonus has been extended for another year until December 31 2020 and increased by 50%.

Interested in the Research and Development Vertical Module?

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