Prolab.Q LIMS App per la Cantina

The new Prolab.Q’s App Wine has been designed by Open-Co for the management of the modern winery: smart, on the go and paperless are the key words that make working and assigning tasks from the office to the operators simple and dynamic, all from your smartphone.

App Wine has all the power of Prolab.Q, allowing you to consult the data on the tanks (characteristics, analysis, etc) with filtering features to facilitate the reading, handle the tanks (moving the wine from one tank to another), manage work orders, have tank labels written according to law (identification of wine vessels according to law) and also record the physical movement of the barrels and manage the stacks.

App Wine and Prolab.Q always share data in real time allowing the operators at the main office immediate access to the progresses and the results of the operations carried out in the cellar.

Discover all the features of Prolab.Q Wine App:

Prolab.Q LIMS App per la Cantina

App Wine is a real LIMS on the go with an appealing, intuitive and easy to use interface!

Prolab.Q and App Wine are always aligned in real time allowing all authorized operators to see which activities are being completed and by whom.

With App Wine you can consult your work orders at any time.

The whole step is completely paperless. All you need is a smartphone.

You can view the contents of the tanks directly from your smartphone without the need for paper documents, thus reducing the risk of errors and optimizing work times.

The filter tool in the tank consultation category allows you to identify in which containers certain elements or characteristics that need to be verified are.

App Wine allows to initialize and monitor the movement of the masses of wine between tanks.

The activity recorded in real time on App Wine can be immediately displayed by all the enabled operators to avoid the overlapping of concurrent operations.

App Wine allows you to view the data related to the desired tank at any time (type and name of the product contained in a certain tank – both internal and disciplinary, last analysis performed, last treatments performed, scheduled treatments and any other information needed) sharing information sent directly from the labeling system.

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