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WebLab is the latest version of our web portal designed for the clients of your laboratory, developed and distributed by Open-Co.

WebLab allows your clients to autonomously monitor all the analysis results of the samples they sent to the laboratory, ensuring full service transparency.

This service also allows your laboratory to reduce the time spent communicating with customers, making them autonomous when they need to check the results of their analysis and progress of their orders.

WebLab is 100% integrated with Prolab.Q and is able to update itself independently, without weighing down the daily work of your laboratory.

Once the work is completed, it is possible to upload data and related attachments in a controlled and secure way, synchronizing WebLab with Prolab.Q.

The portal will then be updated in real time allowing the customer to have immediate access to the progress of the interventions and results of on-site analysis.

Discover all the features of WEBLAB


WebLab‘s many features will help give your lab added value, with complete compatibility with your mobile tools.

With WebLab you and your clients have:

Access to the portal is managed with credentials specific for each customer of the laboratory; the platform provides visibility rules that allow you to configure each user profile to access only data of direct interest and expertise.

When a user enters the portal after completing the authentication, they’ll have access to the custom dashboard; the Home/Dashboard contains a list of the last samples and published documents and a series of customized KPIs / indicators / statistics, based on the historical archive of published results.

It allows to view and filter the published samples list using customizable search filters based on the information they describe for each sample type and their publication dates.

It allows to visualize the details of each published sample, consulting its relative characteristics, the results of the tests and any documents attached to the sample itself.

The documents may include the Test Report and any other type of document associated with the sample.

It allows you to view and filter the list of the sample acceptance / delivery orders, also allowing you to consult their details.

This section allows you to consult statistics customized for each client and also to export the data displayed in .xls and .csv format.

It allows to view and download in matrix form the results of the tests present in a set of filtered samples [cross-display of the selected samples and analyzes].

Possibility to consult the list of planned interventions (sampling interventions, consultancy or any other type of activity) based on the information available on Prolab.Q LIMS.

The interactive map allows you to view geolocalized pick-up points, and also provides quick access to the latest analytical data available for each point.

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