In Open-co we believe in the "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" . We believe that the most effective method is a constant dialogue with our customers, with whom we are committed to share our expertise and experience at every stage of the collaboration through: a consultancy service throughout the implementation and evolution of the acquired software , technical assistance in post-sales , targeted and professional training .

Pre and post / sales consultancy

Our project managers are all experienced IT professionals with multi-sectoral skills. They act as a point of reference to advise the company on the best solutions for their needs following a 'in-depth and targeted technical analysis .
A consultancy service that becomes a strategic factor in every phase of the system : acquisition, installation, go-live, daily operation, development and evolutionary maintenance.

Technical assistance

The attention to the customer continues even after the system installation into the company. Our specialized technicians of the help desk service, available every working day from 8.30 to 18.00 , or in special cases with a more extensive service, support the operators who daily use the LIMS in relation to activities of training and clarifications on the use of the system , regarding the resolution of problems of various kinds.


Training plays a key role in our offer to guarantee the user maximum autonomy and safety in using the software .
The training offer, agreed together with the customer, may include: basic training , specific technical insights , continuous updates , training on the job during system implementation, itinerant training seminars sessions on targeted topics, for groups of homogeneous users, training days one-to-one also on site on topics on request.

Quality System

Thanks to a network of collaborations and partnerships with professionals and specialized companies, we offer consultancy services for the implementation of Quality Systems and the adaptation of operating procedures to the requirements of ISO standards, families 9000, 14000, 17025
Through constant interventions and adjustments, we assist the customer in updating the Operating Procedures and managing the chapters of the Quality Manual .


We collaborate with various technological partners of primary importance in order to offer our customers a wide range of performing and high quality services.

We design agile cloud infrastructures , with quick access to enterprise-class virtual server environments, extremely secure and usable for production, development, tests and other dynamic workloads.

CLOUD COMPUTING reduces the overall costs of technology as the aggregation of different demand profiles on shared resources allows a scalable and flexible provision of services.

VIRTUALIZATION allows you to reduce the complexity of IT systems and make the most of computing resources by increasing the company’s business agility and lowering energy consumption.

We offer solutions in HIGH AVAILABILITY , also called cluster , where all the hardware components (server, hard disk, controller) are redundant in order to guarantee the functioning of the applications that provide services, even in the presence of breakdowns . Using appropriate clustering software, we manage failures by moving services to working components.

We offer integrated Prolab.Q solutions with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems market leader.
The integration between LIMS, ERP and MES systems allows you to configure highly automated and efficient scenarios on all the most relevant business processes.

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