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IGateway allows you to interface analytical laboratory instrumentation with Prolab.Q via native software or serial port.


IGateway can be interfaced with all major production houses of analytical instrumentation such as THERMO, DIONEX, FOSS, WATERS, SHIMADZU, AGILENT, PERKIN ELMER, METTLER, SARTORIUS, ANTON PAAR , STEROGLASS, METRHOM ... and many others.


IGateway has an advanced instrumental interface editor that allows you to easily build the rules for the interpretation and acquisition of the files generated by the instrument software.

Data consistent

IGateway allows you to reduce errors due to the manual insertion and transcription of instrument data and allows you to guarantee accuracy and defensibility .

100% Paperless

We reduce the management times of document flows (worksheets) by increasing the efficiency of processes, in terms of: traceability of documents, less impact on the environment .

How it works and what it manages

IGateway is the software that integrates laboratory instruments and management of the data acquisition process.

IGateway manages the entire data acquisition process , from instrumental reports, through controlled access to the system by users.
IGateway manages the final transfer to the LIMS ( massive or for single data )
With the multi-threading mode (default feature of the application) it is possible to work even when the instrumental files to be processed are very large. IGateway is able to execute several sub-processes in parallel, thus executing more processing at the same time.
IGateway manages the centralized registration of the parameters received by the individual instruments , regulates user access based on visibility and intervention rights, manages the validation of the data received and the status changes, communicates with Prolab.Q for the final transfer of the results, ensuring their traceability.
IGateway manages the translation of the parameters from the Laboratory instruments (Instrument Control) with respect to the reference parameter of the Prolab.Q registry. The following can also be set for each translation: units of measurement, decimals with which to express the result and conversion factor.
IGateway provides an advanced instrumental interface editor to easily build interpretation and acquisition rules of the files generated by the instrument software.
Thanks to this feature, iGateway allows you to view, in real time, the detail (log) of the operations performed.
IGateway Client manages, for each interfaced instrument, the communication protocol and the grammars for converting the exported data.
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