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Prolab.Q is the LIMS software conceived, created and marketed by Open-Co dedicated to the management of Quality and Production Control Systems.
Applicable to complete management of test laboratories of small, medium and large dimensions, to interfacing of laboratory equipment , to traceability of product and supply chain, to the organization of production processes .
Prolab.Q is a constant support throughout the full sample life cycle.


Prolab.Q is a truly integrated software that allows you to coordinate all company activities in a single environment , standardizing operating procedures, reducing time and costs.
Fully supports accredited companies UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025, ISO: 9001, 14001, 22005, FDA-CFR 21 PART 11, HACCP, BRC, IFS.


Prolab.Q easily adapts to all sizes and types of laboratories and companies , is completely customizable based on the specific needs of the customer and the sector in which it operates, without limitations. It is open to integration with other software systems to share personal data and event management.


Prolab.Q is made up of complementary modules and functions that can be activated at a later time, following the evolution of the company. A constant interaction between Open-Co and the client company is the key to guaranteeing the success of the investment.


Thanks to the exclusive Design modules , the user can be autonomous in the management of customizations on reports and forms , without the need for intervention by an external programmer.

User Friendly

Prolab.Q guarantees ease of learning for the user effectively even when applied to very complex situations.
The software can be supplied with the pre-loaded database (sample types, activities, phases, controls, methods etc.) allowing to reduce system startup times.


ProlabQ is a technically advanced product: it can handle an unlimited number of users , huge amounts of data on Enterprise class RDBMS systems, such as MS SQL Server or Oracle DataBase Server . It ensures the best service levels available on the market in terms of system performance, security, stability and scalability.

How to use: zero footprint

Prolab.Q can be deployed as a Client-Server application or via Citrix / RDP.

The implementation is always zero-footprint : the application does not need any additional plugin or framework to run on the local PC.

Prolab.Q can also be used in the WEB version thanks to its compatibility with the main browsers on the market.

The implementation is zero-footprint : the application does not need any additional plugins or frameworks to work in the web browser.

Method of installation

Use the software in complete freedom wherever you are. Available for private or public clouds based on business needs.

Installed directly into your infrastructure for maximum integration and compliance with corporate security policies.

On cloud mode on dedicated infrastructure for maximum security of company data and performance guarantee.

The Prolab.Q experience

The Prolab.Q world begins with the use of software, but offers you a range of suite solutions for the complete management of your laboratory.

Integrated Quality Framework: is the driving force behind Prolab.Q.
Modules and Technical Verticals : for flexible and scalable process mgmt.
Design Modules: Workflow, Forms and Reports can be managed independently.
iGateway, App, IoT and Web.Lab: for a 100% paperless laboratory.
Consulting, training and software assistance internalized.
Areas of application of

Prolab.Q is conceived according to an innovative process logic, which manages, simplifies and automates every phase of application configurations and heterogeneous technical sectors.




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