IOT - Internet of Things

Key word: integration

The Prolab.Q system offers a series of solutions dedicated to the laboratory that allow you to maximize the data collection and use capabilities from a multitude of sources and integrate them in corporate IT systems to the advantage of greater digitization and automation of processes.


Our IoT system is 100% integrated with Prolab.Q and is able to autonomously update the information, relieving the daily work of your laboratory.

100% Paperless

We reduce the management times of document flows by increasing the efficiency of processes, in terms of: traceability of documents, reduction of human error , less impact on environment .

– Electronic labels


For the laboratory

The digital label for laboratory equipment which allows real-time consultation of particular information specified by the user.

  • Paperless labeling
  • Automatic and instant update of information relating to a particular device
  • Display of equipment status and maintenance requests
  • Responsible visualization and intervention planning
  • Customizable layout
  • 5 years of battery life
  • Available in various formats

Winepad per the winery

WinePad is the electronic label for wine tanks that allows you to view information in real time such as: type and name of the product contained (both internal and to be regulated), latest analyzes performed, last treatments performed, scheduled treatments and any other information at the client’s pleasure.

  • Paperless labeling
  • Product and process traceability
  • Eliminates errors and saves valuable time
  • No wiring needed
  • Possibility of outdoor installation thanks to the protective case customized with the logo of your cellar
  • Customizable layout
  • 5 years of battery life

IoT Tracker


IoT Tracker allows you to interface a lean and fast tracking system with Prolab.Q LIMS, in full compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0. This allows not only to increase the safety of the department, but also to know the times of use / permanence of a specific machine / department – essential information for an optimal cost / resource division. With IoT Tracker you can track:

  • operator enters / leaves a department / work area
  • position and working times of an operator at a specific machine
  • location of samples and laboratory materials within a laboratory / industry
more than a LIMS

is the complete solution for automating your laboratory's processes

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